Ilkley Meeting


Sundays 10.30 am

On the fringes of the 1652 country, overlooking Wharfedale in Yorkshire and close to the centre of Ilkley, the Meeting house was opened in 1869. It was one of the first Nonconformist places of worship in the town.

Children and Young People's meeting first Sunday of the month.

Quaker Quest 2019

Are you looking for a spiritual home?
Are you interested in how faith can translate into action?
Why not come to one of our interactive free sessions?

Quaker Quest is a chance to explore a spiritual path for today that leads to peace and social justice – simple, radical and contemporary.

Quakers are a faith group who have been around for about 360 years, we are committed to equality and peace. Quaker Quest aims to help you find out about the Quaker way of life. We have found that people enquiring about us want to experience our silent contemplation (prayer the Quaker way), hear why being a Quaker matters to us, talk to each other and us about it and get an idea what sort of people we are.

Quaker Quest: “Quakers and God”

Friday 3rd May 2019, 2.30-4.30pm, with refreshments from 2:00pm

Quaker faith is a search for truth, not an arrival. We don't offer neat creeds or doctrine.  Quakerism grew out of Christianity and today we also find meaning and value in other faiths and traditions. Three Quakers will talk about their understanding of God, followed by discussion and a short period of silence.

Quaker Quest: “Quaker faith in practice”

Thursday 9th May 2019, 7:30-9:30pm, with refreshments from 7:00pm

Quakers value actions as much as beliefs. Three Quakers will talk about how they put their faith into action and the challenges this brings. These short talks will be followed by discussions and a short period of silence.

My first experience of a Quaker Quest left me pleasantly surprised after interesting insightful talks and the following discussions. I found the range of speakers’ perspectives to be enlightening and wished to explore the subjects further.

The attenders made me so welcome and at ease with new ideas and activities such as the time we spent in silence. There was no awkwardness, judgement or pressure and the time passed quickly and peacefully. A wonderful introduction.