Ilkley Meeting


Sundays 10.30 am

On the fringes of the 1652 country, overlooking Wharfedale in Yorkshire and close to the centre of Ilkley, the Meeting house was opened in 1869. It was one of the first Nonconformist places of worship in the town.

Children and Young People's meeting first Sunday of the month.

Swansong - Plain Quakers Theatre

Friday 27th September at 7:30pm
Free entry, Collection for Quaker Open Christmas

In a small flat somewhere in London, Frank Dudley, old-school actor, struggles with the passing of time and his old friends, his ambition to play Shakespeare's Richard II still unfulfilled. He and friend and helpmeet Kenneth are chalk and cheese. In this wryly comic take, loosely based on a Chekhov short play, they wrestle with time, illusion, and each other, refusing to acknowledge their mutual dependency and debt, before reaching a not-unexpected conclusion.

But is Frank really a self-proclaimed national treasure, or just an unloved ageing bit-part player?

And who is Kenneth? Stooge, mentor or saviour; Laurel to Frank's Hardy; or Edgar to his Lear?

Trapped in embittered loneliness, Frank's non-too-glittering career seems to be fading away into oblivion. But the truth dawns on Frank in a surprising way...